let it snow

i started preparing for christmas pretty early this year. i always feel as though it is rushed... i look forward to it all year so why not work to enjoy it longer? 'tis the season.



my baby is 4. she made me a mama. and now there is another baby.


drop off. pick up

When we decided to put Clover on the island for Montessori preschool (Waterfront Montessori Children's Centre). I wasn't worried about her leaving me to take a boat across the lake, or how far away she seemed if something happened, or that me dropping in would be quite the haul... Selfishly, I was more worried about the timing and stress of drop-off and pick-up. 

Well, months later I see that waving goodbye to me at the docks and filing onto the ferry boat has created this wildly independent, brave and fearless girl. That when I want to see her or the school I am always welcome, and that those visits become adventures for me. That when I get a glimpse of the lake, I smile knowing she is out on the island, exploring meadows, meeting otters, picking dandelions, collecting treasures of feathers, stones & pinecones. And that drop-off and pick-up are the most treasured parts of my day. When we take time early in the morning to walk along the waters edge look out toward the island and dream out loud about the possibilities waiting there. And when I pick her up, enjoying her rushing hugs, her chatter about loving friends, silly teachers and the excitement about her days full of play & exploration.

We are so lucky.

watching tai-chi in the park

line leader
off she goes- Miss Independent
"Oh my, I got stick arms... I give ouchie hugs."

rainy day pick-up

I know she loves school, when this is how she says goodbye to her teacher.

Elemental- in her element. exploring the park after pick-up


spring feet

 I love shoes & especially love baby feet- can you tell?

These are all from the weekend...



ok- sorry.
i've been so distracted by Pinterest and Instagram and now a super-sunshiney-spring.
I need to blend my addictions to better use my time...

speaking of which, here are a few of my fav B & W instagram pix from the last little while...

Spring Concert

 Clover had her Spring Concert the other afternoon. August and I went over on an early ferry to wander around and enjoy the wind, beach & birds.

The concert was lovely- no rigid expectations of performance- no crying kids. Just a few sweet songs, incredible handmade costumes and a whole lot of happy kids, parents & teachers!



the beautiful birth announcements letter pressed by my friend, Micheline from Betty & Bing.
a lovely keepsake for our favourite boy.


all over the place

Clover's nursery has been popping up all over the place.
It was featured in a Valentine's post on Remodelista and it is in the January edition of the Brit modern design mag, Living Etc.
The room no longer exists as Clover has moved on to a big girl room and August took over the nursery. 
Sadly, those big pom-poms are gone.

So it is nice to see pictures of her old stomping ground around inspiring others.


local loft

the latest covet garden has me wanting to sell our house of stairs and move to a loft... i wonder how our kids would cope with one-level living?
photography by donna griffith


sew inspired

these lovely little dolls by lucille michieli over at minikin make me make to get out my scraps and sew up some creatures...